4 Places You Should Put Channel Signage, and 3 Places You Should Not

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Channel signage differs from traditional neon or LED signage in that it does not display on a screen of any kind—nor does it necessarily have to light up. It consists of three-dimensional lettering that hangs on your building’s exterior and alerts passersby to your company’s presence.
Because this type of signage does not always light up, you cannot use the same placement strategies for channel signs that you would use for LED signs. Use the information below to learn where you should place your channel signage and where you should not.

The Best Places for Channel Signage

This type of sign hangs directly on your office, store, warehouse, or other building. However, that building’s four walls do not attract attention equally well. The following strategies will help you know how to place your signs.

1. Hang It Facing the Main Road and/or Parking Lot

Ideally, your channel signage should face the road that connects consumers with your business. However, that road might not receive enough traffic. Rather, you might want to put your channel signage on another side of your building if it faces a major road and drivers would easily see your sign from there.
For example, if your business borders a small road on one side, but passersby could clearly see your building from a nearby interstate highway, you should put channel signage facing the interstate. You should also put signage on the side that faces the access road.
If your commercial property includes a parking lot, and that parking lot features substantial visibility from nearby roads and shopping centers, hang channel signage there as well.

2. Hang It Higher Than the Door, but Lower Than the Eaves

Customers naturally look at the space over the door when they look for a sign. This space puts your sign more or less at eye level for drivers as they travel toward your business. So, if your channel signage hangs higher or lower, passersby might miss it because it lies outside their line of sight. Even if you hang it closer to the roof, it might hang too high for drivers, and passersby might think it only applies to upper floors.

3. Hang It Over an Entrance When Space Allows

Your building’s entrance represents the ideal place to hang your signage as long as the entrance faces access ways, parking lots, or other prime visual spaces. Your entrance must also allow enough space to display your signage. But if the main doors do not meet these two criteria, then you must hang your channel signs elsewhere.

4. Hang It Over Windows Near the Entrance When Space Is Cramped

The next best location to hang channel signs is over windows. These windows should lie near your entrance. However, if consumers still will not see the sign there, center your signage over windows on a wall that faces traffic.

The Worst Places for Channel Signage

Below, you will find a list of poor places to hang your channel signage. If you want to give your business maximum visibility, do not put your signs in these locations.

1. Never Hang Your Sign Behind Trees, Lights, Banners, or Other Obstructions

A sign is meant to be seen, so if trees, lights, and other features obscure the prime location for a sign, remove those features. Transplant greenery, relocate lights to other areas (or purchase smaller ones), and put banners elsewhere. Do not make the wall around your sign busy with décor either. Keep the area as clear as possible.

2. Do Not Put Your Sign Over an Entrance No One Can See

Perhaps your office’s main entrance lies around the building from parking lots and access roads. Or maybe your entrance lies inside an alcove. Do not hang your channel signage in that alcove or around the back of the building. Keep it out in the open and use the tips listed above for best placement.

3. Do Not Hang Your Channel Signage Near or on the Roof or Foundation

Above, you already read why you should not put the sign near your roof. However, you should not put it lower than your door either. Foliage or parked cars might obstruct it, so even if it looks modern and attractive in the lower location, hang it higher.
If you need assistance placing your channel signage on a unique building, contact your local sign company. It has experts that can advise you. In the meantime, if you require design tips or other advice, look at the other posts in our blog.
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