High-End: 4 Ways to Class Up Your Signage

4 Places You Should Put Channel Signage, and 3 Places You Should Not
How to Advertise Your Small Business Like a National Company
4 Places You Should Put Channel Signage, and 3 Places You Should Not
How to Advertise Your Small Business Like a National Company
If you own a luxurious and high-end business, you face multiple marketing dilemmas. How do you reach the right audience in order to promote your persona? How can you portray the prestige that your company represents? Use customized signs to help others realize the luxury and value of your brand.
Visual branding requires certain steps to reach your chosen audience, including a signage campaign that remains consistent with the rest of your marketing. Consult the four steps below to create signs that convey the prestige of your business.

1. Create a Consistent Campaign

Your hard copy, Internet advertisements, and storefront fonts should maintain the same advertising style across each medium. Every piece of your marketing campaign should work together to create a cohesive whole. This includes elements ranging from the color palette you use, all the way down to your logo design.
When you look at established luxury brands such as Rolex, Polo Ralph Lauren, or Armani, notice their campaign consistency. You will never see a Polo advertisement without the trademarked polo rider on his horse.
Any high-end brand should use similar tactics. Consistency in your advertising establishes your brand persona and which can win invaluable loyalty and trust from your customers.

2. Let Signs Inform and Excite

It’s obvious that your public signs and advertising should convey your brand and match your existing marketing. But what should you be telling your audience about your business?
Every business needs to discover their unique traits and emphasize them to their potential customers. For example, Mariano’s, an upscale grocer in Chicago, highlighted distinguishing aspects of their store, such as the gelato and oyster bar. This technique brought in many customers, even when other competitors had lower prices.
Once you find a unique selling point like Mariano’s, use it to your advantage. Alter the text and information on your signs to point to things that help you stand out from the crowd. What parts of your company attract a specific type of customer? Use your sign design to inform readers of your valuable traits or desirable products that people can only obtain from you.
While high-end companies put a premium on their goods, any luxury retailer or upscale company can increase business by informing and exciting customers about their unique attributes.

3. Rethink Sign Placement

Luxury brands are luxurious because they walk a careful line between desirability and uniqueness. Some owners may fear that over-advertising lessens the value of their brand, but the game has changed in recent years.
The consumer’s journey has become increasingly diverse; each individual faces a myriad of new conversion tactics. During this age of information, high-end brands must expand their advertising strategies, including their placement of signs.
To maintain a balance between high-end perfection and accessibility of a brand, don’t be afraid to place your signs in more areas. Yes, you may have to use more accessible pathways to post your ads, but you also reach a wider audience. With the Internet’s increased accessibility to high-end and lowbrow brands, new and unlikely avenues won’t necessarily put your brand credentials in jeopardy.
In this price-sensitive market, a wide swath of sign placement lets you promote everything your company stands for, including prestige and quality.

4. Establish an Appropriate Ambiance

The feel of your storefront and signs affects customer perception. If you create a luxurious ambiance, this perception will convey the value of your brand.
Consider neon signs. They are bold, yet simple. For example, channel lettering creates attention-grabbing and beautiful signs. This specific look conveys the luxury of your brand. You can also use other types of channel lettering do even more to establish your prestige.
Reverse-lit channel letters use backlighting to emphasize the letters in your sign, usually made from aluminum. While the light floods the background of your chosen logo, your letters are then brought into sharp relief against the brightly lit background. This type of sign lettering creates a halo effect and points to illuminating, unique, and luxurious products.
Use our blog to reassess your signage and how it conveys (or fails to convey) a persona of excellence.
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