4 Benefits of LED Signs

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Have you ever been driving down the street at night and seen an LED billboard? The bright, bold lights really grab and keep your attention. As a business owner, you may want to take advantage of the visual attention LED signs can garner. But you don’t have to stop there—LED lights can add more to your advertising campaign than just a flashy message.
If you’re considering investing in an LED sign, consider these additional benefits.

1. Hundreds of Display Options Available

LED signs offer multiple customizable color, shade, and animation options.
For instance, when it comes to colors and shades, you can catch customers’ attention with a message in bright red or yellow. And along with using bold colors, you can place a bright border around the text to help draw attention to your message.
You can also customize the animations for your LED sign. Do you want a soccer ball bouncing out at customers? Or would you like a car racing across the bottom of your sign? In fact, you have so many options to choose from that you may have a hard time narrowing them down.
Of course, this benefit can also become a flaw if you put too many details on your sign. To avoid a chaotic sign, stick with simple but thick lettering. Leave plenty of space between the letters, and ensure the letters are big enough that customers can read them from far away.

2. The Ability to Change Your Sign Throughout the Day

If you display the same message over and over, customers might start to ignore your sign. But when you have an LED sign, you can customize and adapt the design to target your customers’ changing needs from week to week.
LED signs even allow you to schedule different messages throughout the day. For example, you could display “Have a Good Day” during the morning commute and “Welcome Home” at the end of the day.
Consider what your customers will want during different times of the week or day, or even in different types of weather. The more you can speak directly to your customer’s needs, the more business you will generate.

3. A Quick Source of Entertainment

No one likes a dull, irrelevant sign. Fortunately, you can change your LED sign easily and frequently. If done correctly, your sign will quickly become an entertaining landmark for people who regularly pass by.
Incorporate story elements or interesting images into your advertisement to give viewers a picture that will help them remember your company. You can test your sign’s effectiveness by showing a few people the advertisement for ten seconds, and then collecting their reviews.

3. A Quick Source of Entertainment

Every business has a different goal for its advertising campaign. Unlike with traditional signs, you can change your LED advertisement to keep up with the goals your business sets each month. For example, if your company wants to generate website traffic, you can easily change your LED message to promote that goal.
To narrow down your call to action, ask yourself, “What do I want my customers to do?” For instance, you might want your customers to:
  • Visit your location
  • Call
  • Email
  • Visit your website
  • Come to an event
  • Buy your product
Try to keep your call to action simple. You only have a few seconds of your customers’ attention. Too many words on your sign will be a turn-off to customers.
Instead, choose one call to action that fits your business’s advertising goal that month. You should also try to change your call to action every couple of months to keep customers’ interest.
LED signs are a great source of advertising and can give your company the attention it needs. Consult with an LED sign manufacturer to help you create an effective LED sign that fits your company’s goals.
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