Use Signage to Maintain and Build Your Customer Base

How to Advertise Your Small Business Like a National Company
Notable Noble Gases: What’s in Your Neon Signs?
How to Advertise Your Small Business Like a National Company
Notable Noble Gases: What’s in Your Neon Signs?
In previous posts, we’ve discussed how to increase foot traffic and how to attract your target audience through custom signs. While these topics yield useful information, you still have numberless aspects of customer acquisition to explore.
Signage is a valuable tool to help business owners build and maintain their customer base. From a financial standpoint, retrieving old customers costs far less than the expense of finding new ones.
Updated, efficient signs, however, allow you to both maintain existing customer relationships and create opportunities for new ones. Read on to learn how the appropriate signage helps you fulfill both tasks.

Provide an Important Reminder

For whatever reason, some customers stop giving you their business. But if you keep close contact and records of past customers and monitor purchase habits and behavior, you’ll soon discover which problems caused them to leave in the first place. Despite a myriad of reasons that cause someone to stop purchases, one reason stands in the forefront and often surprises business owners: forgetfulness.
Despite your efforts to create a memorable experience, some customers simply overlook that they once took an interest in your business. However, this forgetfulness provides an opportunity for signage to do its job and remind customers why they shopped at your business in the first place.
Every time a person passes your custom-made (and conveniently placed) sign, they should recognize and associate your logo with past shopping experiences. Hopefully such situations were positive so your sign serves as a reminder to visit again.
More success also comes when your sign presents and connects with an existing brand persona. Maintain or upgrade your business’s signage to ensure passersby make this association. If you create a strong impression through your signage, you’ll bring back old customers and attract new ones.

Help Them Read Easily

To boost your sign’s influence, it has to be readable. Past and future customers won’t connect your sign or logo with anything if they can’t easily read what it says. Use the following tips to ensure a bold, memorable, and readable sign:
  • Color
  • Contrast
  • Size
With these three elements in mind, your sign’s design expresses confidence and allows anyone to see that. For more information on optimal sign design, consult our previous posts.
When your sign attracts the eyes of passing people, they may then choose to visit your store—whether they already know and prefer your products or not. According to one marketing study, up to 76 percent of consumers decided to shop at a new store just because of its sign.
Research also shows that customers even recommend a company because they were impressed by the business’s sign. So, the connection between brand and signage couldn’t hold a more important place in customer acquisition.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Although boldness and readability matter, so does the way in which you market and present your sign. Few shoppers want to delve deeper into a company that immediately overpowers their senses. But it is possible to grab a customer’s attention without bombarding them.
Keep the following tips in mind when you design and craft your business signage:
  • Keep the font, color scheme and design simple. Busy presentation causes confusion, not conversion.
  • Avoid annoying your customers. The last thing you want is to seem obnoxious to your clientele, especially because an annoyed consumer ignores you after the initial irritation has faded.
  • Let them decide. Best advertising practices always include helping people take notice rather than forcing them to acknowledge you or your sign. Use this tactic to your advantage and let your customer base choose your business.
You may have heard it before, but quality matters more than quantity in marketing and signage. Placement and design do much more to promote your sign and business than overwhelming the consumer ever could. Consider upgrading your signage with these tips in mind so you can maintain and build your customer base.
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