6 Things You Should Display on Your Programmable LED Signage

Notable Noble Gases: What’s in Your Neon Signs?
How to Attract Your Target Audience with a Custom Sign
Notable Noble Gases: What’s in Your Neon Signs?
How to Attract Your Target Audience with a Custom Sign
You already know that an attractive and well-designed sign can boost your company’s success. However, you want more than a generic, static sign in front of your office. You desire an alternative that has more attention-grabbing power, so you consider installing an LED sign instead.
LED signs come with bright, colorful displays that allow you to showcase text, images, videos, and other media, depending on the signage you purchase. However, you may not know what else to present on your LED sign other than your company logo, the time, and the temperature.
Do not waste this unique marketing opportunity. Use the information below to develop striking visual advertisements to put on your LED signage.

LED Marketing Rules

Before you browse through the display options in the next section, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these marketing guidelines. These guidelines apply no matter what you decide to exhibit on your LED sign:
  • Put a call to action in your message, whether that call spurs passersby to eat at your restaurant or come in for a legal consultation. A call to action makes your message bold.
  • Change your content depending on the time of day. If you own a restaurant, you could advertise coffee and breakfast on your LED sign in the morning, and you could change the message to include special dinner deals in the evening. Or, if you run a law firm, you could put a special emphasis on automobile accident claims during rush hour.
  • Do not have your messages scroll—drivers cannot read them quickly enough. Keep your messages short enough that they fit on the screen.
  • Do not put your text in all capital letters. Use title case instead so passersby can read your sign more easily.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts because drivers only have a split second to read your sign, and they will not slow down to puzzle through fancy lettering.
As long as you adhere to the rules above, everything you display on your LED sign will draw more customers in.

Display Options for Your LED Signage

LED technology allows you to showcase multiple images or advertisements in a continuous slideshow, so use several of the options below when you program your sign.

1. Business Hours, Including Special Hours

Customers do not want to park their cars and walk to your door only to discover that your business has already closed. Therefore, you have to go beyond the small placard on or near your door that displays your office hours. Put your hours on your LED sign instead so visitors know before they even pull into your parking lot that you are either open or closed.

2. Popular Product or Service Advertising

Does your business have a particularly popular product or service? Perhaps you offer a particularly good breakfast burrito. Or perhaps your law firm sees a large number of slip-and-fall cases. Showcase that offering on your LED signage. This advertisement will reinforce the reputation you already have for providing that service or product.

3. Sales and Special Deals

If you have a sale at your business, your LED display gives you the perfect place to market it. Give passersby pictures of discounted items, and include the special price for each item. If you have many items on sale, give each product its own slide so you do not overwhelm your audience with too much information all at once.

4. New Products, Services, or Incentives

Your LED sign also gives you the ideal medium to announce new offerings, such as a new menu item or financial plans at your law firm. Additionally, if you want your customers to know about new incentives or benefits you offer with each of your services, such as free initial consultations, display those bonuses on your sign as well.

5. Awards and Achievements

Every year, organizations in your city and state deliver awards to excellent businesses. If you ever win any of these awards, you can use them as a unique selling point in your LED advertisements. Also, if your business wins awards at the national level, showcase your achievement on your sign as well. Customers will look at your accomplishments and choose you over companies that look less talented.
Additionally, if you run a law firm, beauty salon, medical facility, or any other service-oriented business, use your LED signage to exhibit the number of people you have successfully helped. When passersby see large numbers like that, they feel more motivated to trust you with their attention and money.

6. News and Community Events

Perhaps you want your customers to know how much you love the community. Consumers love a company that pays attention to their everyday lives. Therefore, if a local sports or dance team does well in a competition, use your sign to congratulate them. Or, if something major (bad or good) happens in the community, offer your praise or condolences.
Your LED sign helps you connect with your customers in myriad ways. Use the tips above to get started. For more information on using and maintaining your sign, contact your signage provider.
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